Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby eaglet acomin'

Thanks to the foresight of my parents who started buying abutting pieces of land on the Maine coast more than 40 years ago.  I am blessed with having a piece of heaven on earth where I can retreat to so I can escape these southerners that I work with in Boston (it is southern New England, after all).  I am sure Borepatch will back me up on this that it is beautiful beyond words in so many ways.  One of the high lights, though, is watching the bald eagles that nest across the way.  They will circle high above the bay, effortlessly and for hours, until they flap hard and drive with incredible velocity, seemingly going to crash into the icy Maine waters, only to splash, beat hard on their seven foot wingspan and rise up with a two foot salmon clutched in the deathgrip of their powerful talons.  It is a sight to see.  So I am pleased to announce the impending arrival of a little eaglet to our Hhumble little corner of paradise.  They have laid one egg and are acting like another may be in the offing.  The Biodiversity Research Institute has had a webcam on the nest for a number of years, so you can watch along with the expectant parents who are patiently incubating for the next month or so.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream


Ken said...

I think it's a fake. I was tapping on the window and the "eagle" didn't even react.

Borepatch said...

That's pretty cool.

2cents said...

Most likely they are the same pair in that nest for more than a decade and have been rather prolific.