Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yeah, that's not a "huge" bear

If you read the headline in today's Boston Herald, you would be lead to believe that a good sized Black Bear was captured in Brookline, Mass, a wealthy suburb just west of Boston:

‘Huge’ bear tranquilized, survives fall from Brookline tree

Below is a picture of said bear:

A black bear is seen falling from a...

They estimated that the black bear weighed about 200 pounds.  Um, I hate to break a few things to the good liberals of Brookline who always think they are right, but the Second Amendment gives me the right to carry a gun, Obamacare is about to be thrown out, Obama is going to be as spectacular a failure as Jimmy Carter and THAT is not a huge bear.  If fact, it is down right scrawny (and that may explain why the dimensionally challenged ursine went to Brookline--he figured his disabilities would be recognized, celebrated and otherwise lead to advantages he could not achieve on his own).  Up in Maine, they know huge black bears.  Below is a nice little 600 plus pounder.  Did I mention that the hunter got him with a bow?  We don't bother using firearms unless it is a big bear.

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