Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Below is a picture of Barack Obama

At least that is what Jack Kelly makes a very good case for over at Realclearpolitics.com.  He points out the following:

1. In 2008 Obama won the Jewish vote by 52%.  But thanks to his definitely NOT Israeli friendly policies, he has lost 16% of that demographic.

2.  He won the Catholic vote 54% to 45%.  Wanna bet that slips thanks to Obamacare forcing paid contraception and abortions down their throats.

3.  Affluent suburban voters went 40% for him.  How's the economy and class warfare rhetoric working out for them.

4.  Remarkably, Obama only lost to McCain by 10% of the veterans in the last elections.  He is eviscerating the military budget and, right or wrong, dumping don't ask don't tell was actually very popular among the military.

It is a good read and I commend it you.

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