Thursday, June 28, 2012

Individual Maindate is gone as a mandate, but apparently survives as a tax

I will update when I have read the decision.  Right now there are dueling reports, but based upon one excerpt, it looks like Roberts joined the liberals to basically uphold the act.

Update:  It appears as though Roberts said the mandate was unsupported by Congresses Commerce Clause powers, but they are free to tax the crap out of us for a social(ist) program.

Update 2:  I read the decision.  I hate the decision, but Roberts may be technically correct.  He correctly held that the Federal Government cannot compel anyone into commerce.  They can regulate and tax the heck out of commerce, but they cannot force you to engage in it.  However, under their power to tax you, they can basically say that you are going to be taxed if you make a certain amount and you fail to buy insurance.  I could really go off here on Obama's many quotes about how Obamacare is not a tax, but I will not bother to rehash the obvious.  However, I agree with Roberts that Congress can Constitutionally tax the heck out of me and then spend my hard earned money in ways I think are ridiculous.  I have to be intellectually honest and consistent.  I hate an activist Court.  No one gave them the power to legislate from the bench.  My, and your, recourse is at the ballot box.  So as much as I agree with everyone who says vote your principles, I implore you to vote your principles unless the principled candidate cannot win, and in that case to vote Republican.  Romney with a Republican House and Senate will trash Obamacare.

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