Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They aren't making Frenchmen like the used to

One of the good ones has left this world.  Robert de la Rochefoucauld died on May 8th.  The Count was born into a long lineaged aristocratic family based in the Loire Valley in 1923.  He was the stuff of legends during World War II.  When Hitler invaded France, a young Rochefoucauld joined De Gaulle's Free French Forces and immediately started blowing things (and Germans) up.  When the Gestapo began to get too close, he left for Spain and joined the British Special Operations Executive.  Whilst with the SOE, he parachuted into his homeland time and again.  He blew up rail road tracks, escaped via a stolen limousine, smuggled explosives in hollowed out loaves of bread and once escaped the Nazis by donning a nun's habit and strolling right by them.  My favorite exploit was when, after being actually captured, he faked a seizure, whacked one guard with a table leg to break his neck when he came in range, then stole his gun and shot the other two guards.  Yup, they certainly are not making Frenchmen like they used to.

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