Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Irony is a bitch, Ms. Warren

Even the voice of People's Republic of Massachusetts, the Boston Globe, has been having a bit of fun at Elizabeth Warren's expense.  For those of you who have not been following closely, Ms. Warren, Harvard Law professor and member of the Obama administration, is the chosen one to unseat that up-start Scott Brown who dared to take 'Ted Kennedy's seat' back for the people of Massachusetts.  She listed herself for years in law school directories and elsewhere as a "minority" claiming a Native American ancestry.  Harvard in turn listed her as evidence of how forward and correct thinking they were in showing the great diversity of their faculty.  The blond and blue eyed Warren claimed the evidence of her ancestry was family lore and the fact that her grandfather had high cheek bones like Indians do.  (You can't make this stuff up.)  She stepped in it a little deeper when she said that it was not for the advancement of her career that she claimed minority status, but rather to go out to lunch with other similarly situated Native Americans.  Of course, it turns out that she never actually went out to lunch with them or even once attended Harvard's own "pow wow" for Native American members of its academic community.  Needless to say, not only did her political opponents take exception to her false claims, but so did real members of that minority community who were bothered by the fact that she took away opportunities for REAL American Indians.  In a mad attempt to back fill, her camp came up with O.C. Sarah Crawford, Warren's great great great grandmother who according to a supposed application for marriage, but not the official marriage license nor the United States Census, was part Cherokee Indian.  That claim has since been debunked.  Worse still, when she threw the Crawford lineage against the wall, people started to look at it.  Turns out that Ms. Crawford's husband, Warren's great great great grandfather was member of the Tennessee Militia in Ross's Landing, now Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The Tennessee Militia, following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, rounded up the Cherokee (and other) Indians from their homes, interred them and then force marched them to western frontier, leaving the dead and dying along the way.  The infamous Trail of Tears was perhaps the worst government sanctioned atrocity in our history as a nation.  And Jonathan Crawford, Elizabeth Warren's great great great grandfather, was a member of the militia that rode from settlement to settlement and took people whose only sin was to ACTUALLY HAVE Cherokee blood in their veins and incarcerate them for horrific death march so white settlers could take their lands without opposition.  Yes Ms. Warren, you can certainly claim a direct and historic link to the Cherokee people.

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